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Let's start with some basic ones:

1. Do you know how much money your business made last month?

2. Do you know how much money your business needs to make each month to cover your costs? (your break even point)

I meet many business owners have NO IDEA what their numbers are. To run a successful business and grow it is 100% necessary to know your numbers. Let me tell you that the top 10% achievers in business know their numbers and they know them well. They live and breathe their numbers.

I simply cannot understand how anyone can run a business without knowing their numbers! It is like flying a plane with a blind fold on. You are heading in the wrong direction.. and let me give you a hint... it's not the right one..

You may say that your accountant knows your numbers and he or she can provide them to you at any point in time but in today's fast past environment don't you want to have access to YOUR data, without relying on anyone else? Imagine being able to log in an application on your mobile, tablet or laptop that pulls in your live data such as spending, sales and profitability from Xero in an easy to read customised dashboard? How about incorporating that data with non-financial data such as new clients per month or average spend per customer? Throw in alerts that can email you when your sales are under your forecast or you have spent too much this month. Sound amazing?!

Our customised "Business Live Dashboard" application provides all of the above!!!!

Anytime or anywhere on any device see exactly how YOUR business is performing.

Compare actuals to budgets and historical data allowing YOU to have a live business plan and make those important decisions FASTER.

We are your co-pilots helping you to fly the plane (your business) on the right path.​

Contact us today on 02 9030 0269 to find out more and get started!

Natalie Lennon

Founder & Director

Two Sides Accounting

02 9030 0269


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