“Can I pay by card?” If you’re an owner of a growing small business, your answer should never be no. Ensure that you never miss a sale by accepting credit and debit cards. On average, if a customer can pay by credit card they will pay your invoice much faster which will increase cash flow to your business. According to a recent survey*, 62% of small businesses don’t think they could survive more than three months if their outstanding invoices were left unpaid. There are so many different options available these days for small business to use, don't just adopt the default and get an Eftpos merchant terminal from your bank - do your research or speak with us. On a shoestring budget? No worries


As suspected the 2018 Federal Budget was a strategic one that didn't see too many upsets. The general view is that it’s an election budget, hoping to appeal to the swinging voters in middle Australia who hold the Coalition’s chances of a third term in office in their hands. The government is proposing a three-step, seven-year plan to make personal income tax “lower, fairer and simpler”. The Budget also contains additional measures to counter the black economy, particularly in response to the final report from the Black Economy Taskforce, including expanding the taxable payments reporting system. Additionally, the Budget contains a range of measures intended to ensure the integrity of the tax

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