Jobkeeper Summary

The long awaited passing of the JobKeeper legislation has occurred woo hoo. It answers some of our questions but not all as some of the requirements are going to be left to the Commissioner AKA the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). We understand this is very frustrating for everyone as Jobkeeper was supposed to be in effect from 31 March 2020 so we have summarised below for you what we do know so that you can make your own assessment as to whether you may be eligible: Why Jobkeeper? - To keep people employed/engaged with their workplace & to reduce numbers at Centrelink during the COVID-19 crisis. - To help businesses pay their employees instead of having to stand them down and/ or make red

Is My Worker an Employee or Contractor?

​ Do you understand the difference between employee vs subcontractor? It is not as black and white as you may think. Just because someone invoices you with their ABN does not necessarily mean they are a subcontractor. Why does this matter? Making the WRONG choice can cost you LOTS OF MONEY. We have summarised this complex difference in an infographic below that can be downloaded as a PDF by clicking on the image. If you want to discuss your individual situation and you are unsure please call the office on 02 9030 0269. Natalie Lennon Founder & Director Two Sides Accounting 02 9030 0269 @twosidesHQ https://au.linked

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