DO YOU KNOW YOUR NUMBERS? Let's start with some basic ones: 1. Do you know how much money your business made last month? 2. Do you know how much money your business needs to make each month to cover your costs? (your break even point) I meet many business owners have NO IDEA what their numbers are. To run a successful business and grow it is 100% necessary to know your numbers. Let me tell you that the top 10% achievers in business know their numbers and they know them well. They live and breathe their numbers. I simply cannot understand how anyone can run a business without knowing their numbers! It is like flying a plane with a blind fold on. You are heading in the wrong direction.. and l


Our business is built on the cloud and we just love the automation that cloud based technology can provide. Hubdoc collects your key financial docs in one place - automatically. Say goodbye to finding and hunting for documents, filing and data entry and say hello to increased productivity and automation. Hubdoc is like a digital bookkeeping assistant that you don't have on the payroll (and they don't take annual leave or sick days. Hubdoc’s software has been engineered to extract key information from those endless streams of documents, convert the information into data, collate it, and store it in one location. Every time a document is uploaded or fetched, Hubdoc seamlessly creates transa

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