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Our business is built on the cloud and we just love the automation that cloud based technology can provide.

Hubdoc collects your key financial docs in one place - automatically. Say goodbye to finding and hunting for documents, filing and data entry and say hello to increased productivity and automation.

Hubdoc is like a digital bookkeeping assistant that you don't have on the payroll (and they don't take annual leave or sick days.

Hubdoc’s software has been engineered to extract key information from those endless streams of documents, convert the information into data, collate it, and store it in one location.

Every time a document is uploaded or fetched, Hubdoc seamlessly creates transactions in your Xero accounting system with key data extracted and invoices attached.

With Hubdoc you can:

- send emails with invoices as multiple attachments direct to Hubdoc

- send emails with no attachment where the invoice is in the body of the email direct to Hubdoc

- upload photos of receipts via the Hubdoc mobile app

- provide us with access to your bank statements and .csv files without the need to send to us or provide your secure banking logins

- automatically back up your Hubdoc inbox to dropbox

- connect your other accounts such as telephone bills, Stripe/Paypal etc, energy bills and many more and we can access in your secure Hubdoc portal

View a short demo here -

If your current accountant likes to work with paper and you don't call us on 1300 TWO SIDES and say farewell to paper and paying them to scan it!

Natalie Lennon

Founder & Director

Two Sides Accounting

02 9030 0269


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