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Do you always feel like there are never enough hours in the day and your to-do list just keeps getting longer? There is a better, smarter way to get your work done. Ditch the to-do list and start scheduling your life.

What’s so bad about a to-do list? A to-do list cannot distinguish between urgent and non-critical items. When you’re overwhelmed by a long list of tasks, your instinct will push you towards completing the quick tasks first so that you will feel accomplished, however, it is the more time-consuming items that are left that will induce the most stress. It is those leftover tasks that will contribute to feeling overwhelmed during the day and not being able to switch off for a restful sleep at night.

One of the biggest time wasters of daily life is checking your emails. Instead of checking your emails constantly throughout the day, why not schedule time to manage your inbox? It could be as simple as two, 45-minute blocks, one in the morning, and one in the afternoon. Instead of writing ‘call back John’ on your to-do list; why not schedule 15-30 mins in your day to return calls?

By scheduling blocks of time in your calendar, you set aside time to get tasks done and make yourself accountable. Every 15 minute block in your calendar can be allocated to review work, make phone calls, manage your inbox, prepare for meetings; any activities that you need to complete – you will be astonished at what you can accomplish in your day. If it's not in your calendar, it won't get done. Scheduling doesn’t need to be limited to your work life either. Family time, date night, catch ups with friends, exercise - you should schedule anything that is important to you.

Time is our most valuable commodity; you can never get it back. So, be smart with your time and don’t waste a single minute.

Natalie Lennon

Founder & Director

Two Sides Accounting

02 9030 0269


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