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Small Biz Basics eBook

Whether you are thinking about starting a small biz or just want to understand your current small biz better this Ebook is for you!


My Small Biz Basics Ebook has been designed to educate and empower YOU! I have compiled an overview of the key things I talk to client’s about on a day to day basis (over the past 20 years) for you to download and use as a resource.

The Ebook is 26 pages long and covers off on the following topics:

✅ business names 

✅ sole trader or company?

✅ bookkeeping

✅ record keeping

✅ why it is important to keep biz funds separate

✅ subcontractor vs employee

✅ insurance

✅ cashflow forecasting 

✅ working capital

✅ breakeven point

✅ tax rates

✅ how tax deductions work

✅ tax planning

✅ Goods and Services Tax

Small Biz Basics eBook

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